Food packaging tray manufacturer/clear MAP trays

High-quality food-grade PET, health and safety, suitable for hotel restaurants, packaged takeaway, bakery dessert shops, entertainment venues, homes, etc. The space design is reasonable. When storing fruits, vegetables, and dry goods, the space is effectively used to save storage space.
Product Description
Item Name  GLD-1410/1710/1414/1616/1818/1910/1912/1914/2012/2015/2215/2512/2515/2517
Sepc. 134*960*25mm/165*950*23mm/140*140*20mm/160*160*20mm/180*180*30/190*100*25mm/190*120*25mm/190*140*26mm/195*115*20mm/195*125*20mm/215*145*25mm/250*170*70mm
Capacity  250g/350g/500g/450g/550g/600g/700g
Material PET
Packing 1600pcs/carton
Carton size 54*30*40cm
Sample  1-3 working days
Lead Time  in stock
Certificates  SGS
Usage  Pack fresh fruit, vegetables,salad, food, candy,cookies and so on
Remark Customized/OEM/ODM is available

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